Create the Ultimate Fully Customized WordPress Website with GeneratePress Theme 2015

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Make a fully customizable WordPress website in minutes with just a few great plugins and a little knowledge about WordPress.

Learn how to set up a WordPress website with the ability to customize every aspect of the look and feel of the website with just a few simple plugins.

No HTML or CSS knowledge required!

WordPress Theme: GeneratePress - - FREE

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Juan Colome --> good stuff here - thanks for sharing 🙂
Brenda Malone --> Very good video, but maybe reduce the size of your inset photo--takes up too much real estate and actually hides a lot of what you are demonstrating. But, hey, thanks for going through the effort, appreciated.
JASWINDER KAUR --> Nice Video. I am using Generate Press theme for my site- Thanks for the Video!
Kimberly Hughes --> Thanks for creating this very helpful video. I'm starting to use GeneratePress for more and more client sites and the info you supplied makes my job that much easier.
Janine Bender --> Nice video. Can you tell me how I can change the footer copyright 2016 - Generate Press - WordPress into my own copyright and link to webdesigner? I have the newest version of GeneratePress.
Shelly Perlini --> yes it has all of that
E. M. B. --> Very Nice. Thx.
A M --> That was very helpful. I learned quite a bit. Currently my website is on Genesis Prose Theme but now I'm thinking of changing it to GeneratePress. Do you know if it will let me put or create a slider (only on the home page)? Does Visual Composer allow me to do that as well --a slider? I'm not a coder at all so I'm trying to find something easy for me. Again thank you for your video.
Mike L --> Hi there, great video. Do you know a way to make the header/menu bar area fixed/static/sticky? so when users scroll down the title and main menu bar always stay still and visible? by the way I purchased the gp premium, thanks
GeneratePress --> Awesome video! Enjoyed seeing someone else use GP 😉
workwithksmusselman --> I absolutely LOVE this theme!!!!!!  The only paid add-on I've needed so far is the $5 Disable Elements but the sidebar plugin you mention looks pretty cool too!
godhandkiller --> I bought the addons for the theme the only thing that I'm having problems is when it comes to add a slide, if you could do a tutorial that would be great
godhandkiller --> Well the theme is free but all the addons for the background and colors and spacing are not :/
Loyal Green LLC: Lawn & Garden Education --> Nice video dude!