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This tutorial will show you how to easily change the max upload filesize value for the wordpress media manager for shared hosting accounts using channel godaddy. This may also work for other accounts not hosted through godaddy if using a Linux cPanel

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Harry Troeger --> Thank you!
Agha Asad Khan --> Thank You.
Joe Costello --> Thanks! Perfect solution and explanation...
Patrick Edward --> Your follow for sure!! amazing (y)
Beckah Sheeler --> YOU ARE THE GREATEST! Was pulling out my hair trying to figure this out with chat support.
Eddy Raul Quezada Rodriguez --> Thank you!!! Finally something that works!!!!
frafri --> You rock!
موقع أرباح نت --> thanx, fast and easy tuto to follow
Howie Young --> Your video solved my problem. GoDaddy limits the max file size to 1 GB. Is there a way to increase the max file size so it is greater than 1 GB. Videos are very big. Thanks.
PilotWingsTV --> Fantastic, thank you.
Flipada --> Thank you! It worked like a charm 🙂
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